Boosting Employee Morale In The Workplace

The best employees can become less motivated if they are not working in a positive and productive environment. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Improving employee satisfaction and morale has a direct impact on the success of your business. Boosting employee morale can lead to better productivity, greater retention, and more satisfied customers, bringing more positivity and happiness to your workplace. Here is how you can help ensure your company culture is one where people are motivated to do their best work.


No matter how small the role of an employee, he/she is especially important to the smooth running of your establishment. Follow up with team meetings to be updated on the assigned tasks and provide needed help. This shows the importance of each employee’s role.  How key they are to keeping a well-oiled machine smoothly operating!


Many employers downplay the importance of commendation when it is the icing on the cake. Employees thrive on commendation no matter how small. If a task is carried out on time and efficiently, do not forget to commend all the key players. Productivity increases, quality time spent with customers are on the incline, and so are your company’s profits!


There is nothing like an employee growing with the company in terms of knowledge, income, and any other necessary ways possible. When training is provided, a viable employee will not only grow but will be extremely happy and grateful to the organization, prompting him/her to increase their productive output. The opposite is also true. Therefore, it is sufficient to conclude that adequate training from the company is more likely to contribute enormously to happiness in the workplace.


There is a time for everything under the sun. So, there should also be a time for recreation, celebrations, and simply having fun. All work and no play will make your employees dull, unhappy and certainly unproductive. Not the desired outcome, correct? Be sure to set reasonable amount of time for them to relax, laugh and have some fun. It can be together as a company twice a year and/or on special occasions. Do not forget to join the fun. Your employees want you to be happy too!


Some employees refrain from asking for sick leave or a general emergency leave to care for a personal need that may arise. Whether they are genuine or not is not always easy to ascertain.  However, it is important to be open to their requests as it will keep your employees inspired to do more. You must remain open to communicating with them for this to happen. Be approachable, not authoritative and make them feel welcomed. Exhibit flexibility and allow employees time off. They are less likely to be unhappy and be more productive when returning to work. Keep the communication lines open, no matter how you are feeling or doing as a leader.

In summary, employees can be motivated to achieve satisfying results and if not inspired, can reduce productivity drastically. At Divine Results Coaching, training is tailored to fit both the leaders as well as employees.

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