Be…Stay Encouraged…RELAX!!!  How?

Lose yourself in a book that has been sitting on your bookshelf for months. Take in a movie. Simply take a break. Meditate. RELAX. Laugh. Working from home does not mean more hours…you are already productive. Go for a brisk walk. Retail Therapy. Try something new. Buy a new pair of pajamas to work from home in. Encourage someone else. Remember how awesome you are. Pray more. Read your Word daily. Pick up an old hobby. Start a new hobby. Plant something. Start a journal. Network. Create a new relationship not just a connection. Call an old friend. Video chat with an old friend. Have lunch with an old friend. Reflect on how far you’ve come & celebrate. Revisit your ‘WHY.’ Publish your book. Taichi. Revisit an encouraging conversation. Master a fear by taking it head-on. Eliminate a stressor. Try a new recipe with your significant other or your child(ren). Try a new wine. Create a new stream of income. Revisit your customer base. Create a new offer. Yoga. Jump Rope. Play Jacks. Red Light Green Light. Play Red Rover. Play Twister. Play Monopoly. Declutter. Manage your time. Make time.

You must take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else….

Be Encouraged!