Perhaps you are new to running a small business or already running one, and want to take your leadership skills to the next level. Either way, these 5 tips to transform your leadership skills are sure to help you take your business to the next level. A lot of leadership books have been penned down about the skills/tips for improving leadership skills but there are actually 5 tips you really need to run your business or organization effectively. These tips are guaranteed to take your enterprise to the next level. Let’s take a look at these 5 tips to transform your leadership skills.


Have you seen a leader who lacks the motivation or inspiration to move his/her team to work? There are many of such. Lack of motivation prevents growth in the workplace and employees leave tasks unattended due to lack of inspiration. As a leader, you need to avoid this by:

    • Sticking to a routine or schedule of activities.
    • Attend inspiring or helpful events to grow.
    • Have some ‘’me time.’’
    • Be positive and give yourself credit for all tasks accomplished.
    • Delegate tasks to team members and appreciate every effort made in that regard.

Communication is the bedrock of teamwork. A lack of communication between yourself and your team will prevent tasks from being carried out when due. To prevent this from happening, carry out the following frequently:

    • Hold open meetings where tasks are assigned, and challenges are discussed for input from all.
    • Send emails to the team communicating steps to plans agreed on, new ideas or proposals or anything they need to be in the know. Or simply utilize something like Slack or Zoho Cliq to collaborate with your team instead of email.
    • Have a receptive disposition always. If your team see you as approachable, they will always come to you with ideas to improve the business.
    • Use simple words to be clearly understood to convey ideas more easily.
    • Make use of visual aids when communicating while displaying confidence.

There is a saying that the day you stop learning, you start dying. This is absolutely true when it comes to business too. As a leader, you must keep learning in order to grow your business. Failure to do this will put your business behind its competitors. Additionally, you will lose business deals as clients see the advantages of using others, instead of you. How to improve yourself? Do the following regularly:

    • Broaden your knowledge about every aspect of your business.
    • Read one relevant business book per month (ask me for recommendations!).
    • Write down short notes to help you remember.
    • Practice whatever you learn with your team to grow together.

You are in business to make money and keep making it. Therefore, you must have strategic plans in place to do this. Challenges must not disrupt the plans you have due to well-placed contingency plans. That is why you are a leader. As you plan, make spaces for challenges and problems, and how to meet them with suggestions from team members. With this ability to plan strategically as a leader, seemingly insurmountable problems are dealt with efficiently.


People remember what you did rather than what you said. Your actions as a leader speak for who you really are inside. You do not want to come out as a weakling, a crude, or violent person. Nurture your team physically, emotionally, and otherwise, allowing your actions to define your character. The results for doing this are unending and equally encouraging. If you can bring out the best from even the worst person in your team, then you are one of the great leaders of our time.

Feeling uncertain about carrying out all the above? Never fear! An accountability partner and/or business results strategist might be just what you need! With an accountability partner or business results strategist holding your hand as it seems, you will be motivated to inspire your team, communicate frequently with them, improve yourself, make adequate plans, take the right actions while simultaneously positively impacting your bottom line.